November 30, 2023

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Ruger – The Second Wave Album [EP] Review.

With just 14 and a half minutes in total track length, it is safe today that Ruger wasn’t aiming to give his fans a prolonged listening adventure. The Second Wave EP was released as a sequel to his 2020 Pandemic EP, a body of work that received positive acclaim and applause due to the Bounce single off the album.
One year later, Ruger is back with a 4-tracked extended play project. Sonically and aesthetically, The Second Wave EP bears very close similarities to the prequel, Pandemic, as Ruger continues to sing in his melodious patois singing signature. Like the prequel, all the songs on the EP were sound-produced by talented Nigerian producer/songwriter, Kukbeatz.

The first track on the project, Champion, starts with a ghostly and spacy ambiance that serves as the underlying groundwork for the tune. With an added layer of mid-tempo percussion that consists of firm kicks and sharp snares. Lyrically, Ruger sings about his current state of stardom while also reflecting on his past as an ordinary boy walking the streets of Lagos.
The sound production on the second track of the EP: Useless is almost a continuation of the first track, except for a bit of percussive intensity. The fast-paced instrumentation and Ruger’s expeditious verses show a Dance-hall influence, indicating the crooner’s diverse musical palette. And although Ruger’s words were about being rendered useless by his love for his woman, it didn’t disrupt the overall enjoyment of the music.

Snapchat is an R&B love song that can be easily enjoyed by any two people during a sexual encounter. Ruger’s vocal expressions were sweet and direct, and the lyrics were impressive. However, there wasn’t much going on with the instrumentation, except for some lo-fi chords and bouncy percussion. The last track and highlight of the Second Wave EP is the song; Dior. It starts with jangling electric guitars that continue to ring in the far distance throughout the whole song. The track also bears a mid-tempo beat and a catchy hook from Ruger. /badman looking good in Dior/.

The second Wave EP is an impressive body of work, especially for listeners who want to have a good time. However, with the number of experimental and comprehensive sounds coming out of the African music landscape by the likes of Ckay, Buju, Tem, and others, it will be interesting to see how the EP will pan out in the minds of music fans and critics.

Album Score: 6/10

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