November 30, 2023

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Rising is the second project by Nigerian artist, Falana. Her previous album, Chapter One, showcases her musical understanding and diversity as she sings in various music genres. On Rising, she explores her abilities even further.

The first track, Paper planes presents a melancholic tune that dips us into a dream-world filled with love and fantasy. A recurring theme that permeates the album. Falana’s melodic vocals jam with breezy synths and harmonics to create a stunning piece you will love to put on repeat.

Energy is a contemporary R&B record with a pinch of Afro rhythms. The overall sound feels a little far off from the title the song bears (energy). However, Falana showcased strength and confidence in the words of her lyrics by singing about freedom, openness and energy.

The hook in Sweet Adetola can easily send shivers down your spine. This track is one of the highlights of the entire album. The top-notch R&B instrumentation features emotionally appealing lyrics about a character named “Adetola”. A woman who puts in great efforts to pay her bills and fulfil her dreams. Sweet Adetola surely showcases Falana in her finest moment, sonically.

Electric lady is the fourth track and the one at the centre of the album. This is another record filled with ear-catchy melodies, both vocally and instrumentally. The song features serene acoustic guitar arpeggios and lyrics about a sophisticated ” electric” woman who seems to have everything going on in her favour.

On Casanova, Falana seem very laid back and tended to rely heavily on the instrumentation. And the musical experience begins to shift from being calm to outright boredom. Vocally, Falana was great. However, this isn’t a track you are likely to put on repeat.
Thankfully, a much-needed transition occurs in Joy. A more upbeat and lively tune. On this record, Falana sings about gratitude, hope and sunshine. The album finishes on a high note with the outro, Wishing on a star.

Rising is a project that highlights words like Woman, Love, Fantasy e.t.c It is an album that you should listen to while on the road, about to go to bed or at work.

Album score: 9/10

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